Sometimes we learn by reading, sometimes by doing, and sometimes by following someone else’s story and finding truths in it, we can live by. In the case of LouAnne Ludwig’s new book, A Journey Within (Balboa Press/Hay House, April 2018), it’s all three. Ludwig is a gifted and sensitive empath — she’s got some powerful psychic gifts. […]

  Vivianne Nantel’s Becoming the Light: Realize Your True Enlightened Nature (Greenleaf Book Group Press, August 2018), is a memoir wrapped around a guidebook. Within an incredibly riveting story of one woman’s path to a spiritual awakening are lessons and tools for how to follow in her footsteps. But Nantel’s journey starts in a place that’s far […]

    Emma Gonzalez. David Hogg. Anthony Borges. Kai Koerber. Tyra Hemans. They’re not victims. They’re five names among millions of youths rising up to stand firm in their beliefs and changing the course of this country with the #Neveragain movement. According to youth leadership expert and author Anni Keffer, if you think they’re too […]

Women seeking to heal from society’s spiritual famine are discovering Circlework—a new kind of spiritual community based not on religious beliefs or ideologies, but on a simple commitment to kindness, peace and global sisterhood.   A new awakening to the importance of meaningful human interaction is leading people to seek out opportunities for deeper, more […]

Today’s visionary leaders must focus on the less tangible parts of entrepreneurship: values, legacy, fear, diversity and more.  Leadership experts Piersall and Wright offer a motivational guide that gives business leaders an internal compass for navigating their ways through a time of accelerating change. Although competitors will bark at the heels or whoever is out […]

The New Senior Man: Exploring New Horizons, New Opportunities (Rowan and Littlefield. Oct 2017) isn’t just a companion volume to The New Senior Woman, also by authors Thelma Reese and Barbara M. Fleisher. It’s far more than just the boy’s version. When Reese and Fleisher were presenting the first book, The New Senior Woman, to […]

  Readers of Roland Griffith’s book, Find Peace One POP at a Time, will love his empowering message: that they can break free of anxiety and depression through their own efforts. They will also be encouraged by the possibility of finding peace and joy without medications. And, that by overcoming these conditions, they can boost physical health […]

A self-help book for people with Childhood Emotional Neglect (CEN) — an unseen, little known, but emotionally debilitating condition resulting from parents’ failure to respond to a child’s emotional needs.     Jonice Webb, a clinical psychologist who specializes in helping people overcome CEN, now shares strategies for rebuilding relationships affected by CEN in her […]

The Secret Keeper: A Novel

Back to Blood: A Novel

Sweet Tooth: A Novel

Flight Behavior: A Novel

The Bone Bed (A Scarpetta Novel)

Round House, The: A Novel

Shades of Earth: An Across the Universe Novel

Alien - The Illustrated Story (Original Art Edition)

Streets of Fire Limited Edition: Bruce Springsteen in Photographs and Lyrics 1977-1979

The Flash Vol. 1: Move Forward (The New 52)

Scoundrels: Star Wars

Scoundrels: Star Wars

06 October 2012

Angel In Chains (The Fallen)