Sometimes we learn by reading, sometimes by doing, and sometimes by following someone else’s story and finding truths in it, we can live by. In the case of LouAnne Ludwig’s new book, A Journey Within (Balboa Press/Hay House, April 2018), it’s all three. Ludwig is a gifted and sensitive empath — she’s got some powerful psychic gifts. […]

  Vivianne Nantel’s Becoming the Light: Realize Your True Enlightened Nature (Greenleaf Book Group Press, August 2018), is a memoir wrapped around a guidebook. Within an incredibly riveting story of one woman’s path to a spiritual awakening are lessons and tools for how to follow in her footsteps. But Nantel’s journey starts in a place that’s far […]

  Nearly 1 in 12 teens has anger disorder — one of the most common mental health disorders in adolescents. Parents need to know how best to understand and manage the behavior in children and teens to help them learn healthy ways to express their anger.   Laurie Hollman, a psychotherapist, empowers parents with a 5-step […]

  An interactive, step-by-step guide that helps those on the brink of retirement chart a course to a purposeful and meaningful next stage of life.   If leaving the stability of a regular 9-to-5 job causes you anxiety over potentially facing a lack of purpose, Joan Tabb’s new book, Building Blocks for the New Retirement, will […]

Editor Pick!   Peter Anthony Holder is one of the most talented radio interviewers in Canada and the USA. He spent years interviewing top names in Hollywood as well as countless authors and fascinating high profile people. His podcast, The Stuph File Program is one of the top ranking podcasts globally. His new book, Great […]

    Emma Gonzalez. David Hogg. Anthony Borges. Kai Koerber. Tyra Hemans. They’re not victims. They’re five names among millions of youths rising up to stand firm in their beliefs and changing the course of this country with the #Neveragain movement. According to youth leadership expert and author Anni Keffer, if you think they’re too […]

Robert Tomoguchi’s New Vampire Novel The Scribbled Victims The Scribbled Victims is the newest full length novel from Tomoguchi. It is the story of Yelena Solodnikova who is a modern day vampire living in Los Angeles.  She is plagued with the guilt of her murderous existence.  Then She meets Orly Bialek, a twelve-year-old girl who […]

    Recently, DNotes Global, Inc., an ambitious contender in the digital currency arena, announced it’s releasing DNotes 2.0, an upgraded version of the currency it developed in 2014. In four short years, this company dedicated to making cryptocurrency accessible to all has grown up. Its co-founder, Alan Yong, has directed a steady and consistent course since the […]

        “Community” isn’t often a word associated with the competitive edge when it comes to business. Among its definitions according to Merriam Webster, community is a unified body of individuals, such as those with “common  interests,” and a sense of “fellowship.”  A group can have the interests of the larger community at heart […]

Rampant cynicism and corruption. Ego-driven decision-making. Late night tirades on Twitter. Fingerpointing. Lying without consequence. Seems like we’ve forgotten what it means to be a good, kind, intelligent, and effective leader. But we can remind ourselves of what’s missing by delving into a new book by leadership expert and MIT professor Otto Scharmer, Essentials of Theory […]

    A guide to tackling the most common challenges facing aging seniors who want to remain in their homes. When it becomes apparent that mom and dad are starting to slow down, become forgetful or show signs of diminishing mobility, how can family members step in without stepping on toes? In her new book, Age […]

Women seeking to heal from society’s spiritual famine are discovering Circlework—a new kind of spiritual community based not on religious beliefs or ideologies, but on a simple commitment to kindness, peace and global sisterhood.   A new awakening to the importance of meaningful human interaction is leading people to seek out opportunities for deeper, more […]

Innovative company leaders are rebelling against the status quo to create a culture where employees thrive and companies outperform their peers.   In their new book, Glenn Elliott and Debra Corey of UK-based Reward Gateway share how the world’s most successful companies treat people differently.   More than 70 percent of executives rank employee engagement […]

Today’s visionary leaders must focus on the less tangible parts of entrepreneurship: values, legacy, fear, diversity and more.  Leadership experts Piersall and Wright offer a motivational guide that gives business leaders an internal compass for navigating their ways through a time of accelerating change. Although competitors will bark at the heels or whoever is out […]

 Develop the observational traits of a Samurai warrior in order to refine active listening and interpersonal skills needed in the business world.   Corporate leader and author Cash Nickerson is also an accomplished martial artist, and he’s applied his expertise in both arenas to describe a technique that enables readers to transform into skilled communicators […]

  The Hit Book About the Secrets of Becoming a Success in the Music Industry!     Veteran Artist Manager/Music Business Author Jay Jaworski and CEO of StarMentors Publishing LLC, announced today that due to the success of his new book “Becoming the Idol” he wanted to share it with more up and coming musicians. […]

  #1 New York Times Bestseller With extraordinary access to the West Wing, Michael Wolff reveals what happened behind-the-scenes in the first nine months of the most controversial presidency of our time in Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House. Since Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States, the country—and the […]

Running or walking through nature has always been touted for its benefits. Recently it’s come into the spotlight as part of a holistic, humanist approach to health. A recent study of treadmill environments found that runners who ran through nature — virtual or actual — were happier after their workout than those who ram to entertainment. A […]

A Must Read ! The Kings Prophecy is a Fabulous ‘Fantasy’ Saga This book is fabulous whether you are 16 or 60!     Long ago, the Black Knights overthrew the King to steal twelve ancient pendants with untold power. As foretold, at dawn the knights rode into a village and slaughtered everyone, leaving only […]

   “In the future, mobility won’t belong only to carmakers,” said Toyota’s CEO, Akio Toyoda, last year. And cars won’t be bought for their design so much as the software that runs them. Which is why My Cognitive autoMOBILE Life: Digital Divorce from a Cognitive Personal Assistant (Springer, December 2017), a book by two AI and automotive […]