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BOOK REVIEW: “The Busy Parent’s Guide to Managing Anger in Children and Teens — The Parental Intelligence Way” by Laurie Hollman, PhD.

 Busy Parent Guides: Quick Reads for Quick Solutions: The Busy Parent's Guide to Managing Anger in Children and Teens: The Parental Intelligence Way (Other)
Nearly 1 in 12 teens has anger disorder — one of the most common mental health disorders in adolescents. Parents need to know how best to understand and manage the behavior in children and teens to help them learn healthy ways to express their anger.
Laurie Hollman, a psychotherapist, empowers parents with a 5-step “Parental Intelligence” process that arms them with a quick, effective method for handling anger issues in their children and teens. Her “quick read for quick solutions” book describes multiple scenarios that illustrate how to put the Parental Intelligence process into action. With this structured way of responding, parents learn how to pause so as not to overreact, nonjudgmentally inquire about what’s on the child’s mind and empathically help the child to problem solve.  
Chapters address specific anger issues and each ends with a list of tips for resolving different types of situations — from temper tantrums to children who say “No” too frequently to interpersonal situations that lead to anger. Additionally, Hollman shares useful tools for teaching children early on how to internalize and put self-regulation tactics into practice. 
An angry child needs a steady, stable parent. Using the Parental Intelligence process, parents show their children or teens that they’re an ally and can calmly and caringly help sort out what’s wrong.
Hollman’s Busy Parent’s Guides series also includes a book addressing anxiety in children and teens. 
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Book Details
Author: Laurie Hollman, PhD
Publisher: Familius
Language: English
Pages: 112
Binding: Paperback
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