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Book Review: ‘Leadership Built on Why: One Simple Idea that Will Revolutionize the Leadership Paradigm and Change Your Life,’ by Anni Keffer

    Emma Gonzalez. David Hogg. Anthony Borges. Kai Koerber. Tyra Hemans. They’re not victims. They’re five names among millions of youths rising up to stand firm in their beliefs and changing the course of this country with the #Neveragain movement. According to youth leadership expert and author Anni Keffer, if you think they’re too […]Read More »

Book Review: ‘Improve Your Odds: The Four Pillar of Business Success,’ by Alan Yong

    Recently, DNotes Global, Inc., an ambitious contender in the digital currency arena, announced it’s releasing DNotes 2.0, an upgraded version of the currency it developed in 2014. In four short years, this company dedicated to making cryptocurrency accessible to all has grown up. Its co-founder, Alan Yong, has directed a steady and consistent course since the […]Read More »

Book Review: ‘The Power of Community: How Phenomenal Leaders Inspire their Teams, Wow their Customers, and Make Bigger Profits,’ by Howard Partridge

        “Community” isn’t often a word associated with the competitive edge when it comes to business. Among its definitions according to Merriam Webster, community is a unified body of individuals, such as those with “common  interests,” and a sense of “fellowship.”  A group can have the interests of the larger community at heart […]Read More »

Book Review: Essentials of Theory U: Core Principle and Applications by Otto Scharmer

Rampant cynicism and corruption. Ego-driven decision-making. Late night tirades on Twitter. Fingerpointing. Lying without consequence. Seems like we’ve forgotten what it means to be a good, kind, intelligent, and effective leader. But we can remind ourselves of what’s missing by delving into a new book by leadership expert and MIT professor Otto Scharmer, Essentials of Theory […]Read More »

BOOK REVIEW: "Age In Place: A Guide to Modifying, Organizing, and Decluttering Mom and Dad’s Home" by Lynda Shrager

    A guide to tackling the most common challenges facing aging seniors who want to remain in their homes. When it becomes apparent that mom and dad are starting to slow down, become forgetful or show signs of diminishing mobility, how can family members step in without stepping on toes? In her new book, Age […]Read More »

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