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BOOK REVIEW "The Magic of Circlework: The Practice Women from Around the World Are Using to Heal and Empower Themselves" by Jalaja Bonheim, PhD.

Women seeking to heal from society’s spiritual famine are discovering Circlework—a new kind of spiritual community based not on religious beliefs or ideologies, but on a simple commitment to kindness, peace and global sisterhood.   A new awakening to the importance of meaningful human interaction is leading people to seek out opportunities for deeper, more […]Read More »

Review for "Build it: The Rebel Playbook for World Class Employee Engagement" by Glenn Elliott and Debra Corey

Innovative company leaders are rebelling against the status quo to create a culture where employees thrive and companies outperform their peers.   In their new book, Glenn Elliott and Debra Corey of UK-based Reward Gateway share how the world’s most successful companies treat people differently.   More than 70 percent of executives rank employee engagement […]Read More »

BOOK REVIEW of "Dogs Don’t Bark at Parked Cars - Your GPS in an Era of Hyper-Change" by Jeff Piersall and Eric Wright,

Today’s visionary leaders must focus on the less tangible parts of entrepreneurship: values, legacy, fear, diversity and more.  Leadership experts Piersall and Wright offer a motivational guide that gives business leaders an internal compass for navigating their ways through a time of accelerating change. Although competitors will bark at the heels or whoever is out […]Read More »

BOOK REVIEW --"The Samurai Listener" by Cash Nickerson

 Develop the observational traits of a Samurai warrior in order to refine active listening and interpersonal skills needed in the business world.   Corporate leader and author Cash Nickerson is also an accomplished martial artist, and he’s applied his expertise in both arenas to describe a technique that enables readers to transform into skilled communicators […]Read More »

StarMentors Publishing, LLC. Has Announced the Giveaway of One Million eBooks “Becoming The Idol”

  The Hit Book About the Secrets of Becoming a Success in the Music Industry!     Veteran Artist Manager/Music Business Author Jay Jaworski and CEO of StarMentors Publishing LLC, announced today that due to the success of his new book “Becoming the Idol” he wanted to share it with more up and coming musicians. […]Read More »

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